Sunday, November 23, 2014

Restaurant Review: La Belle et La Boeuf

La Belle et La Boeuf (+ Putting Edge)

A night out in........Laval?


I don't typically venture out to Laval, but recently I heard about La Belle et La Boeuf and their burger with a "mac and cheese" bun. I must admit, I was intrigued. They also have a location downtown, but I figured I would try the one in Laval where parking is in abundance (plus its really not as far as we think it is).

I was so impressed with Centropolis. It has been built-up so much in the past few years and boasts an impressive number of restaurants and activities- one of them being Putting Edge. So we decided to have a pre-dinner game of glow-in-the-dark mini-golf to start our night right! Give me a pink golf ball and glow-in-the-dark bracelet and I'm good to go! I am quite easy to please. I could, however, get a little competitive. All I wanted was to beat the boys, and I did. So, mission accomplished.

Putting Edge

Next up- BURGERS and these are not your ordinary burgers. With an inventive menu full of unique and eccentric toppings, choosing a burger at La Belle et La Boeuf is a challenge. One is topped with peanut butter and banana, one with fried mac and cheese as the bun, and some other more conventional options (but still creative nonetheless). If that's not decadent enough, try their mac and cheese, or why not a poutine? CLEARLY not the place to go on a diet. We got a pitcher of sangria and iced tea, and were there on a game night! Lots of fun. Highly recommended.

I ordered the "Mad Greek"- a burger with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, onion, red pepper, olives, feta cheese, tzatziki, and best of all, watermelon. We also ordered "The Beauty", which comes with arugula, brie cheese, fig jam, and caramelized onions. Others ordered some pretty wild meals including the "Pac Mac" (burger with a mac and cheese bun), and the "Mac Buffalo Chicken" (mac and cheese with buffalo chicken, blue cheese crumbles, and toasted Ringolos (YUP...). Check out the pictures below!


Pac Mac

Pac Mac
Pac Mac

Mac Buffalo Chicken

Mad Greek

For those looking for a healthier alternative, you could choose to order your burger in lettuce, a multigrain bun, or on gluten free bread!

To sum it up- Centropolis had lots in store for us! From a game of mini-golf, to watching the game accompanied by some crazy burgers, poutines, and mac and cheese. If this sounds like your kind of night, make your way to Putting Edge, and to one of La Belle et La Boeuf's locations! I love hearing from you guys, so comment below!

Reservations: Definitely. The place was packed.
Date night: If you like your dates loud, calorific, and messy.
What I wore: Leggings, loose tee with an unbuttoned jean shirt, long chain, and booties
The damage: $$
Stay in the know: The restaurant is 18+.
Bonus: Good place to watch a hockey game!

Mind, Taste, Love.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Lifestyle: Studio Rebound Fit

Studio Rebound Fit

Food vs. Fitness

When I started blogging, I realized that eating out more often would come with the territory. I have always enjoyed working out and now more than ever try to do it consistently. I am not the type of person who could simply go to the gym on my own and have a great workout. When I do go to the gym on my own, I typically hop on the treadmill for about 20 minutes, get bored, attempt a couple of push-ups and call it a day.

In order to make sure I do get a great workout that I will feel the next day, I go to gym classes. As much as I would love to have a personal trainer, this is the more affordable option for now! Being with other people and having someone there to correct and instruct is really what motivates me. I'm a member at a gym and try to go to classes 2-3 times a week, but sometimes I need a change from the same old classes. When my friend told me about a studio called "Rebound Fit" located in the neighbourhood of St-Henri, I decided to try it out for myself.

Rebound Fit understands that in order for someone to stick to a workout routine, they need to enjoy it. The studio combines cardio and toning in a unique way. How is it unique you may ask? Because the entire workout takes place on a mini trampoline! There are different trampoline resistances: beginner, intermediate, and advanced, depending on the bungee strength. The more elastic the trampoline, the more difficult the workout. I love that the studio caters to all levels and encourages you to go at your own pace. The workout combines jogging, dance moves, toning with resistance bands, and stretching, ALL on a trampoline. I know you may be thinking that this sounds easy..."a trampoline workout? I won't even break a sweat"...TRUST ME. This workout is tough and rewarding, and you will definitely feel it the next morning. Plus they play fun music and you'll leave in an awesome mood. Girls and guys are welcome!

The different coloured trampolines are different difficult/resistance levels!

Could "trampolining" be the next trendy workout for 2015? Try it out and let me know what you think!

If you want to learn more about the health benefits of this workout and reserve a spot in one of their classes, check out their website below!

Mind, Taste, Love.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Restaurant Review: Brasserie Central (Brunch Edition)

Brasserie Central

Not just another brunch post.

4858 Sherbrooke St W Westmount, QC 

Westmount's Brasserie Central has decided to take on Saturday and Sunday brunch. And they're taking it seriously. They only began serving Sunday brunch a week and a half ago-  and we're thankful they did. From the set-up of the restaurant to the gourmet menu, Brasserie Central is ready to cater to Westmount's every brunching need.

The space feels sophisticated, industrial, and chic all at once. The ceiling and walls are adorned with beautiful lighting fixtures, brick walls are painted white and black, and there's lots of eccentric art. A table in the center of the restaurant is set with champagne flutes, freshly squeezed OJ, and champagne, so that your mimosas are ready on-demand. Charcuterie platters are also prepared right in front of you.

First-off our lattés were delicious and presented beautifully and the freshly squeezed OJ was perfectly tangy. As for the food-  each plate was better than the next. Scroll down to see what we ordered and be prepared to wish it was next Sunday.

Lobster Eggs Benedict
Buttery brioche topped with lobster, poached eggs, and hollandaise

Poached Eggs on Crab Cake
Poached eggs served atop a light and crisp crab cake finished with hollandaise

Coconut-Crusted Raisin Brioche French Toast
Raisin brioche french toast covered in a crunchy coconut coating with a coconut milk crème anglaise and mixed berries

For a classy and sophisticated Sunday brunch, make your way over to Brasserie Central on Sherbrooke! I guarantee you will love it!

Reservations: It's a small place, it would probably be a good idea.
Date night: --
What I wore: Jeans, sweater with chiffon under-layer, and booties
The damage: $$
Stay in the know: Opened Sat and Sun for brunch and opened for lunch and dinner every day aside from Sunday.

Mind, Taste, Love.

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Karen Millen Friends & Family Sale: November 12th-16th

Karen Millen

Rockland Shopping Center

2305 Rockland, Montréal, Québec H3P 3E9

Hi all! My sister works at Karen Millen in Rockland shopping center. If you have been to the UK or Europe, you have likely heard of the brand, but this is their first and only store in Canada. If you haven't checked it out yet, now is the time. It's their family and friends sale starting this Wednesday! Since I love all of my followers, I wanted to give you guys insider access to this great new store!

The brand has pieces in all price ranges and for all occasions. From denim to dresses, this is really a one-stop-shop for all of your fashion needs. Items are not cheap, but for you socially conscious shoppers- they are careful about where they produce their clothing and they absolutely do not skimp on quality. These pieces were made to last. They manage to put together collections that are both trendy and timeless all at once. Did I mention they also have shoes and bags? Don't miss out on this sale! The Sales Stylists really know what they're talking about and will help you put together the coolest outfits and looks! Check out their website here:

Post your cool finds on Insta, Facebook, or Twitter and tag me for some style inspo! I'll be sure to share some of my favourite finds with you!

Mind, Taste, Love.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Restaurant Review: Le Passé Composé

Le Passé Composé

Montreal's Bistro Français de Quartier.

  • 950, rue Roy E, Montréal QC, H2L 1E8

Located on a picturesque corner in the plateau is Bistro Le Passé Composé. The exterior of this bistro Français just begs for you to come in and stay a while. Once inside, you'll feel as if you have entered a warm home. Walls adorned with art (which you can purchase), people perusing the newspaper whilst sipping on a latté, and smiling waitresses greeting you.

I had heard about this place a while ago and decided to finally make my way over. The seasonal menu was intriguing, especially for a brunch place. I've grown accustomed to finding seasonal menus across Montreal, but not often enough for breakfast!

I urge you to try the panko french toast. It is heavenly. And their eggs benedict (all of them) are inventive and unique. They also seem to be known for their gourmet grilled cheeses, so I'll be back to try those! We ordered the "Oeuf Poché Champêtre"- poached eggs, mini shitake mushrooms, parsley, smoked pork shoulder, and porcini sauce all atop brioche bread. Both the french toast and poached eggs were served with fruit and an adorable smoothie shot.

The amazing food was tied together perfectly with a splendid latté served in a bowl the size of my head.

If you haven't yet, you need to head over to Le Passé Composé. Is there a better way to start your Sunday morning? In my opinion, no. But I'm always up for some healthy competition :). Send me your favourite MTL brunch spots! Comment below!

Reservations: We went pretty early for a Sunday and got seated right away, but there was a line-up when we left. It looks like they do take reservations on their facebook page though!
Date night: Morning date :)
What I wore: Chunky knit, leggings, scarf, and booties.
The damage: $$
Stay in the know: Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

Mind, Taste, Love.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Cafés: Kitsuné Espresso Bar

Kitsuné Espresso Bar

Sip your stress away.

19 Prince-Arthur street Ouest, Montreal, Quebec

Sometimes a change of environment is necessary. When it starts to get cold outside and we begin hibernating within the 4 walls of our home, it could start to feel pretty lonely. We live in a city with coffee shops galore, so even though my work was piling up, and I had plenty of writing to do, I decided to leave the house and head over to one of Montreal's artisanal cafés- Kitsuné Espresso Bar.

Aside from the fact that this place feels hip as anything, it also serves delicious coffee. My latté was perfection- and was definitely made with love. I watched the barista create my drink with such precision and care-  it was definitely not given the Starbucks treatment (not that I have any problem with Starbucks! It's just nice to see so much effort go into creating the perfect pour). Apparently they are currently offering a pumpkin spice latté-  I will definitely be back to try one of those! There are also delicious treats like muffin tops and croissants-  so treat yourself!

One communal high wooden table is the focal point of the café. So sit with other studiers, writers, and readers, or drink your coffee by the window and do what I do best- people watch!

To all those stressed out about work, school, exams, or whatever has been keeping you indoors lately, I highly recommend grabbing a coffee at one of MTLs lovely cafés. It was truly therapeutic.

Keep calm and drink coffee :)

Mind, Taste, Love.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Restaurant Review: Fenêtre sur Kaboul

Fenêtre sur Kaboul 

Wine & tea lovers-  read on.

901 Rachel Street East, Montreal, QC, Canada

There are only a handful of really great bring your own wine restaurants in Montreal, so I am always opened to trying new ones. Aside from BYOWs, there is nothing I love more than trying a new type of cuisine. So I was REALLY looking forward to trying Fenêtre sur Kaboul.

The 3 things you should know about Fenêtre:
  1. They serve delicious Afghani food
  2. It's BYOW
  3. They have a tea room 
Could this be any more perfect for a fall or winter night out? If the warm and comforting Afghani specialties can't warm you up, then the wine will, and if not the wine, then the tea! You'll forget how cold it is outside by the time you're done, and you'll have a new found appreciation for Afghani food. Each dish was full of flavour. Afghan cuisine uses tons of spices, so nothing tastes bland, and there is an added punch that comes with each and every bite. The use of sweet and savoury ingredients work in perfect harmony and each dish truly tastes and feels homemade and authentic.

The space itself is cute. Nothing too fancy, but definitely cozy and tasteful.

What we ordered (but don't forget to check out their menu, as there are so many amazing choices):

Bread, spicy dips, and pickled vegetables (on-the-house)

Borani Badenjan aka sliced eggplant topped with homemade tomato sauce and garlic yogurt

Bolani aka homemade afghan flatbread filled with potatoes, scallions, and herbs, and served with homemade yogurt on the side

Zardak Chalow aka premium veal cooked in Afghan spices, sautéed with candied glazed carrots, served with basmati rice and afghan salad

Tarkari Chalow aka sautéed eggplant, spinach, okra and potatoes in a delicately seasoned Afghan stew, served with basmati rice and Afghan salad

Afghani Black Tea

The restaurant has over 50 types of teas, so if you're a tea-lover like me, you'll be back for more!

If you're looking for a warm and inviting place to wine & dine, this is the place for you.

What are your favourite BYOBs in the city? I am always looking for new places to try! Comment below!

Reservations: Yes! They take reservations on their website or over the phone. The place (especially the tea-room) was full!
Date night: What more could you want for date night?
What I wore: Leggings, v-neck sweater, scarf, booties, and a leather jacket (pretty casual)
The damage: $$
Bonus: Vegetarian-friendly options!
Stay in the know: Closed on Mondays

Mind, Taste, Love.

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